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So what's the big deal? - The one legged Cuban
Rubano the Cubano
So what's the big deal?

What is the definition of perverted or perversion?  According to Webster it’s to turn aside or away from what is morally right.  Who decides what is morally right or morally acceptable?  Society?  And who is society anyway?  Is it the majority?  Because if that’s what they mean, nobody ever asked me my opinion. I never got a knock the door with somebody holding a clipboard asking me what I consider or wrong or right.  Where was I when somebody came around asking if it was OK to have anal sex?  Or to have a threesome?  Where was I when society asked what I thought?  Or did they just make it up because I didn’t answer the door?  Last I checked most people live in a country where they have freedom to do what they want sexually.


In my opinion, (and of course I always say opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and the usually stink), but in my opinion, the definition of “perverted” should fall under the lines of illegal.  Why do I say that?  Because if you think about it, anything that is done between consenting adults behind closed doors where no one is harmed, then that should not be defined as perverted.  Now mind you I said consenting adults I also said behind closed doors and I also said where no one gets hurt.  Now the last part can be considered a gray area, because what if people enjoy being harmed or harming others.  Now where you draw the line for that definition?  If it is between consenting adults, is it OK to hurt each other?  I would say as long as it wasn’t permanent but even that can be argued.  Because if somebody wanted their arm broke and another party was willing to break it then in reality if I hold true to my theory, it would be OK.  This is a topic that can be debated.


Let’s get back to what I really started to talk about.  Perversion is categorized as something to that is not accepted by society.  So if that were to be true, I would imagine that 95% of the world, if not more, is perverted.  There are people out there who like dressing up with diapers.  There are people out there who like to be tied up and spanked.  There are people out there who enjoyed being choked.  And don’t let me forget about the people who CLAIM they have no fetishes or perversions.  I can assure you that these are people who just refuse to admit it out loud or to themselves.  My experiences are that EVERYONE has fantasies they wont admit.


Take for example DEVOTEE’S.  These are people who are sexually aroused by amputees.  If you read my earlier entry, you’ll know exactly what I'm talking about.  Being an amputee myself, I thank God there are people like this.  Some people may call it a perversion.  I call it “there is someone for everyone”.  If there were not people like this, I would probably end up spending the rest of my life alone.  So am I perverted?  Is someone who likes me sexually perverted?  OF COURSE NOT.   Now you may be able to consider it a fetish, but NOT a perversion.  Even though Webster would disagree, FUCK Webster.  I don’t give a shit what “society” has to say.  (again, WHO in the hell is society?)


My sex life is no concern of theirs, especially if they’re going to be judgmental.  It is between consenting adults behind closed doors where nobody is getting hurt.  Yet, God forbid, somebody brings up the subject, then they would be shunned and labeled as “perverted”.  Just because society may find it gross to be sexually active within an amputee. How in the hell do you think that makes an amputee feel?


So whoever in the hell decides what is morally right, whether it be “society” (PLEASE someone tell me who society is) or not, they can kiss my big white ass.  And if I wanna watch pornography that is created by somebody who enjoys to be watched and willingly created it, on their own free will, then DAMNIT I will and if anybody has a problem with it, let me find a tall oak tree where I can hang them by their testicles/labia.  And if that’s what you want get the hell out of MY country because mine is the land of the free.

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