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Life isn't fair - The one legged Cuban
Rubano the Cubano
Life isn't fair
 Some people say life isn’t fair. Not only is life not fair, life is just down right cruel. People say one thing and mean another. Then they’ll make an excuse why it is not their fault. They feel that circumstantial moments change our way of thinking and make us do different than what we had promised. I think that’s a bunch of
crap. People act a certain way in front of some people and different in front of other and completely different in front of another group. I don’t mean when you’re on your best behavior for first or second impression, I mean always.
 For example, how many times has traffic been cruising along at 75 mph and all of a sudden, everyone hits their brakes. Now everyone is going 60 mph. “What the hell?” you think to yourself. That’s when you see the Highway patrolman cruising on the Highway. If everyone is moving at 75mph, I’m sorry but I am not slowing down. Let him stop everyone.   People think it’s the law that you can not pass an officer on the Interstate. NOT TRUE, I do it all the time. If I’m obeying the law, why can’t I? Especially if he’s traveling at 50 mph. I have seen it happen so many times. Traffic is moving fine when, *screech* an officer is doing 50 or 55 mph “HELLO?!” Speed limit is 65, “Let’s GO” But oh, no. We can’t pass him. It’s the law. “WHERE?” “SHOW ME”
You want another example? How many times a day/week do you do something that if anyone, especially your spouse, saw you, they would react negatively? Or better yet, how many times do you do something, like flirting with a co-worker for example, that if it were reversed and you saw your spouse doing the exact same thing, you would be fit to be tied?
How is that fair? How do you consider your actions permissible, yet not for your partner.
We all have double standards. But some cross the line.
Some people can justify everything they do, to deem it okay. But in whose eyes? , Society?, Family?, Friends?, Neighbors? And the funny thing is that some of these people will often actually buy into it until it’s too late or unless it happened to them of course.
When a married couple make a vow to be committed to each other, it is only as long as it’s convenient nowadays. Marriage has become a joke. People get married and divorced like changing their underwear. I know people married five, six even seven times and sometimes they will remarry a former spouse. What the hell is that? These are the same people you get stuck behind at the market because they can’t decide if they should buy white or wheat.
When you truly love someone, you CARE about their feelings (or so I thought). You are sad if they are sad and want to cheer them up. Not get angry at them and yell at them to “snap out of it” or ask “What the hell you crying for now?” I have actually experienced this first hand over and over. I have been told “Why do I need to compliment you?” or “give you praise?” “Is your self esteem so low that I need to reassure you?”. Everyone needs affirmation. It’s human nature. It gives us a sense of self worth. Knowing we are needed or I prefer “wanted” lets us know, “Hey, I serve a purpose in my partners life” It gives our relationship meaning or value. Wouldn’t you also, NOT do the things that you KNOW hurt your partner? Not just once but THREE times? And then continue to justify it or excuse it? That “you did nothing wrong”
We should value our partners feelings as highly as we value our own. Emotions are one of the strongest AND weakest characteristics of all living creatures who have them. How many times have you seen an animal or a child coward in a corner? Maybe they are fearful for their life or afraid they are going to be hit. That leaves an impact on them. Emotions are never forgotten, just pushed back in our memory. How many times have you experienced a very embarrassing moment in your life? And every time someone brings it up, you relive that emotion to some extent? That will never go away. Yes it will get easier because the human mind can eventually adapt to “tune it out” or desensitize itself to overcome this emotion.
Emotions are one thing that is ours and only ours. Nobody can take them away from us and nobody can tell us we shouldn’t feel a certain way. Who are they to determine which emotions are right or wrong? They may show that our feelings are unjustified. But they can not tell us we shouldn’t feel a certain way.
Why do people do the things they do? Simple, it feels good. We are all about the immediate gratification. If we get bored with our partner or if someone makes us feel all giddy again, we go for it. Not realizing that, just as it was temporary the last 25 times you’ve felt like that, it’s temporary this time too. That’s another reason that “once a cheater, always a cheater” is USUALLY true. Not always. I have seen people very close to me, change. Why? Because THEY wanted to. But when people are unfaithful, it’s partly due to the feeling of butterflies and excitement that’s involved with it.
ANYONE and EVERYONE is capable of cheating. We are all vulnerable at some time and it only takes one person that we are familiar and comfortable with, to be at the “right place, at the right time” or you could look at it as the “wrong place, at the wrong time”
I blame a lot of today’s demise on government and society. The legal system is so smothered in nonsense that people have taken “the freedom of speech” and the “freedom of expression” and pushed it as far as they can. They still continue to push it further and further everyday. “If we can say “crap” on T.V., why can’t we say “shit”?” “It means the same” “And if we can say “vagina” on the radio, shouldn’t we be allowed to say “pussy”? It’s the exact same thing” “And if we can show people having sex in the movies, can’t we show it on T.V.?” Where does it all end? Everything has a place and time or at least it should. In Europe, upper nudity is allowed on public television and has been for years.
We, the human race, have slowly but consistently, let morals slip away. I heard a girl on the news a few weeks ago say “I have anal sex, so that I can remain a virgin” She was 16 years old!

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