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The one legged Cuban

Rubano the Cubano

28 April 1966
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I'm a 40 year old, straight, half Cuban, half German/Irish, hot headed, amputee, male, looking to have inteligent as well as naughty conversations on LJ

I am probably one of the most opinionated asses that you either like or hate....no in between. I am passionate in what I believe in and encourage people to enlighten me if you think I'm wrong (which doesn't happen often)

I was also in a motorcycle accident in March of '05 where my harley was struck at a low speed by a hit and run motorist, knocking me into and under the fully loaded gravel semi-truck on the other side of me where I was dragged about 30 feet before being run over.

Don't believe me? I really don't give a shit. AND I have the pix to prove it. Not to mentioned my entire left leg was amputated January of '07