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Female devotee's - The one legged Cuban
Rubano the Cubano
Female devotee's
 I recently discovered what any devotee is . I have been an amputee since January and just yesterday it was brought to my attention the phenomenom of devotee's.  These are people who are aroused or sexually attracted to amputee's. 90% of devotee's are men, which doesn't surprise me because men are more sexual or can I say perverse (and I mean perversed in a good AND bad way) because let's face it men are more perverted than women.  Just check your local magazine rack and compare how many of the adult magazines cater to men as opposed to women.  

ALL men are perverted .  I mean look at the president of the United States, president Clinton, as a prime example .  See, what makes the difference between a gentleman and a pig is their actions, not their thoughts because if it were their thoughts, all men would be pigs (which a lot of women would agree with anyway).  And this is coming from a man .  

There is also a group of people call pretenders and what the enjoy is to pretend that they are handicapped by appearing as an amputee.  They will do things such as tape or brace an arm or leg in an awkward way as to make it look like they are missing that limb. 

I also discovered that there are people called wannabes . These are the people that scare me the most because he or she will willingly and unnecessarily try to convince a doctor to amputate so that they too can become an amputee.

What bothers me tho is that there is not enough female devotee's, which makes it harder for male amputee's. I'm just glad that women are little bit more flexible and understanding when it comes to their mate's appearance, unlike men.  Men tend to be a little bit more concerned with looks and want women that look like Carmen Electra or Angeline Jolie.

But I know that there's somebody out there for me.  Besides, only YOU can make yourself happy. Other people can't make you happy (they may ADD to your happiness) but you're not already happy with who you are and what you are, then finding somebody isn't going to change that.  You will still be unhappy.

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