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Honesty - The one legged Cuban
Rubano the Cubano

Why is it that people always say that they want honesty in a relationship when in fact they don't ? I mean , let's say you're driving down the road and your partners asks you what you feel like doing tonight.  You would probably say "It doesn't really matter" or "Whatever you feel like" etc. but in the back your mind your thinking "how about I take you home and drop you off and go to the strip club with my buddies?"  That would go over well. lol

Or why is it people are on their best behavior when they first start dating? And their real side comes out later on . Why can't they just beat themselves to begin with? For example, I normally use this as a joke but metaphorically it's kind of how I feel . I call it the five minute date . You can tell if you're gonna get laid that night within the first five minutes of your date . All you do is after you pick up your date, stop at the first drug store .  When you get out of the car and she asks you where you're going, you simply answer "Oh, I'm just going in to grab a bottle of wine and some condoms ".  When you get back to the car , if she still there you know you're getting laid . Otherwise you just saved yourself a whole lot of time and money .  

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