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Huge change in my life - The one legged Cuban
Rubano the Cubano
Huge change in my life
It's been a long time since I've posted.  But since I have, I've up and sold everything.  I sold my house my business my personal belongings and moved to London.  Yep, you heard me, London England. I find that people here have a better sense of humor and a better understanding of my humor.

Besides my wife left me. I guess she couldn't handle being with an amputee.  Most people find it disgusting.  I don't really give a shit

I don't know, I feel as though either people are too uptight or too extreme for me and I thought that I was an extremist.  I find either people don't want to hear about sexual fantasies or want to stick large objects up their asses while being sucked off by a donkey.  I don't think that people are honest with themselves let alone other people.

Maybe I'm just too opinionated, I don't know.  I don't know anything much anymore it seems like, other then I enjoy it where I am, I enjoy what I'm doing and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.  I nearly died, I take that back I died seven times and am here for reason, so I figured I would start by seeing the world one country at a time.  I've already done to Germany Ireland Scotland at plan and going to Austria and Switzerland in the near future.

I bought myself an automatic jeep wrangler, and for those you wondering if I could drive, of course I can drive.  How many legs to use to drive an automatic car?  Anyway, I bought a jeep wrangler so that this when this summer comes I can take the top off, the doors off and do a road trip to Greece.  My goal is to find as many open honest and perverted people as I can who wouldn't mind being with an amputee or better yet would prefer to be with an amputee over not, because I know they're out there.

I look around and realize I am: in front of my computer...duh
How I feel: exanimate exanimate

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